City Tour- Historic (Daily Departures)

    We will start our tour by visiting the Manaus Museum, located in the heart of the city's Historic Center, the Paco da Liberdade, a site that contains the oldest buildings of Manaus, dating back to the days when the Portuguese colonized the Amazonas State. After this, we will visit the Adolpho Lisbon Municipal Market which is 100 years old and is known for its splendid iron architecture in Art Nouveau, located on the banks of the Rio Negro. On our way, we will observe the Provincial Palace, a historical building that for many years housed the commander of the military police of the Amazonas State. We will also visit the Largo de Sao Sebastiao, which houses the refined monument of the opening of  ship ports to friendly nations, located near the Church of Sao Sebastiao known for its gothic tones. Finally, we will visit the incredible Amazonas Theater, the greatest symbol of the golden age of rubber and the purest expression of the Belle Epoque time period, the climax of beauty, innovation and peace among European countries.

Amazon safari

Leaving the Floating Harbor, we will climb the Negro River towards the floating platform of interaction with the dolphins, where we will have the opportunity to swim with these amazing and sweet animals and / or watch them as they are fed by a native. The trip continues to an indigenous community to participate in a ritual presentation and learn a little about the culture and its customs. Right after we will go down the Negro passing along the edge of the city towards the Janauary Ecological Park, where we will be served a regional lunch (Fish, meat or chicken menu, salads and side dishes, self-service buffet), after that we will visit the victorias regias during a jungle walk. You will have a moment of free time to visit the local craft fair. The tour goes towards the floating house community of Catalao and soon after we will get a  glimpse of the famous phenomenon of the Meeting of Waters. Return to Tropical Pier. Lunch is included.



Leaving from the Floating Harbor, we will sail on the Rio Negro through the city's waterfront towards the largest natural phenomenon in the Amazon, the famous Meeting of Waters, where the Negro and Solimoes rivers run side by side without mixing. Along the way we will appreciate the historical area of the waterfront, such as the Educandos district, famous for having received the first foreign educators coming to Manaus, As well as  the area of Panair, known for receiving the Catalina planes, which were close to the fair and allowed easy access to the city. After the visit, we will sail to the lake of the Janauari Ecological Park, in motorized canoe, to appreciate the fauna and flora of the Amazon, with the possibility to view birds and little monkeys.


*Depending on the level of the water, it is possible that the motorized canoe trip will be replaced by a walk in the forest.



Leaving Manaus, we will follow the BR 174 to Presidente Figueiredo. On the way to Presidente Figueiredo, one can observe the caboclo's rustic way of life in contrast to the large farms producing cupuacu, delicious fruit from the region, and sugar cane. Arriving in the municipality we will visit the Iracema Waterfall where there are several trails in the middle of the forest, providing a direct contact with nature, and an opportunity to photograph a wide variety of typical plants. After the regional lunch, served in a restaurant located in Corredeira do Urubui, we will visit the Santuario Waterfall, one of the most beautiful of Presidente Figueiredo. Lastly, we will have a rest break and waterfall bath, before returning to Manaus. Lunch is included.


Suggestion: bring money in case of handcrafted purchases and snacks and drinks; light clothes; towel and bathing clothes; hat and sunglasses; sunscreen and insect repellent.