The History

    About eight years ago a dream was planted in the heart of World Mission Director, Pastor Virgil Kincaid. The first part of this dream was to hold continental conferences in: Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and we saw it fulfilled. However, a greater challenge was revealed to him: hold an event of gigantic proportions, where various nations would be represented.

    The Continental Conferences started in Africa in 2014. The next continents to hold these conferences were Europe, Asia  and the Americas in 2018.

    In January 2012 Pastor Kincaid came to Brazil and felt in his heart to share the dream with the IDPB leadership and specifically, Pastor Francisco Montefusco. When asking him about the possibility of Brazil hosting the Global Conference, immediately he heard an enthusiastic yes! That dream was later presented to the rest of the Brazilian leadership, to which everyone embraced the event unanimously. Since that moment, the preparation for this historic event has been underway.


We look forward to seeing you next year for this celebration that will be a milestone in our history.


The Purpose


    The main purpose is the unity of the body of Christ, understanding that the greatest revival in history is about to happen and it is carried in us, the Lord's church, who in unity will shout aloud that every knee, every tribe, people, tongue and nation shall bow down before the King of kings. We believe the Global Conference will be a milestone for the church, our country, and the world